Brand Client: PeopleVine
Activation: Brand Strategy & Positioning Brand Identity System, and Sales Collateral Creation

As a marketer there are a plethora of systems out there to help better connect with customers—from CRMs to email and text messaging services to social media. While most of us have grown accustom to leveraging many of these fragmented systems to foster a complete customer experience, we continue to operate inefficiently leaving customers' data in multiple places. PeopleVine, a single B2C platform for CRM, sales, marketing and operations, gives marketers the tools to engage with their customers in real-time, and manage them throughout their entire experience, from end-to-end. I set out to help PeopleVine redefine its brand strategy and messaging, and gain awareness amongst brands, agencies, workspaces, and dev shops.

PeopleVine lacked a credible identity and messaging that would gained the trust of today's marketer. Although very robust, it was difficult for prospective clients to fully grasp what PeopleVine was and the value it provided. The PeopleVine brand needed a makeover starting with identifying its MVP (mission, values, and purpose). This would then help determine who is its target customers, define its unique selling proposition and direct its position in the market, and develop its voice, tone and messaging. 

After conducting one-on-one interviews with select past and current customers, and facilitating a two-day brand strategy session with key stakeholders, I was able to build PeopleVine's brand framework and guiding principles. The brand framework highlighted brands, agencies, workspace and dev shops as the customer groups to target. From there, I redesigned PeopleVine's identity system, defined it personality and messaging, and developed sales collateral that spoke to and attracted each target customer.

My work positioned PeopleVine for steady market growth. PeopleVine garnered speedy traction amongst workspaces specifically, acquiring premiere clients like 1871 Chicago, Virgin Hotel Chicago, and Daymond John of Shark Tank's blueprint+co in New York City to name a few.