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Agency Client: Energy BBDO
Contributing Client: Translation
Activation: Creative Music Product
Media Platform: TV & Interactive

Translation, on behalf of Energy BBDO, tapped me to help identify the right music producer to bring the Orbit Big Pak “Droppin’ 35” musical track to life. 


Orbit was losing its “cool” and was seeing a drop in loyalty amongst its core Millennial audience. The launch of an upsized pack of gum—Orbit Big Pak with 35 pieces—was planned with the goal of retaining brand loyalty. But because an upsized pack was not new to the category, they had to bring the product to life in a groundbreaking way. So, the challenge was to drive awareness of the new Orbit Big Pak through a unique approach. A deep connection needed to be formed to help retain customer loyalty and restore perceptions of the brand as cool and innovative again.


Introduce an original rap artist named Big Pak, whose once "dirty mouth" has now been cleaned up by Orbit Big Pak gum. Inspired by the distinct, clean-mouth vocabulary established through Orbit's previous advertising (e.g. “you lint licker” and “what the French, toast”), they centered the idea around the effect Orbit Big Pak had on shaping the life of the rap artist Big Pak.


Orbit modeled the in-market campaign approach after the music industry. Contrary to typical new product launches, they treated the roll-out of the campaign similarly to how the music industry introduces a new artist. Aside from a well-crafted look and persona for Big Pak (i.e unique British wardrobe, fashion accessories, and personal logo), they reached out to me to identify a music producer that could provide a hard hitting and infectious beat that would engage Millennials. The approach was designed as a way to blur the lines between marketing commerce and consumer culture, and TV was the perfect medium to bring this strategy and rap artist character to life.



  • Orbit Big Pak strengthened brand loyalty by achieving a significantly higher repeat purchase rate (21.5%) than both the Gum category average (17.3%) and a comparable Wrigley upsized pack offering, Eclipse Big-E Pak (13.5%).
  • Repeat volume of Orbit Big Pak increased steadily throughout the product launch, with 30% of volume coming from repeat purchases, far surpassing the comparable repeat volume goal of 19.9%.
  • The Orbit Big Pak campaign achieved a statistically significant shift in Orbit brand perceptions of “cool brand to be seen with” and “always coming up with something new” brand image and innovation measures.
  • Generated top-level performance on advertising awareness. Total Campaign Awareness was 84%. Not only did TV Ad Awareness of 77% far surpass the category norm goal of 37%, but all measured elements of the campaign also performed above norm on Ad Awareness, including the MTV Movie Awards Live TV Integration. 
  • Wrigley Orbit Big Pak was a winner of 2010 Gold Effie Awards